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jessica george

Jessica specializes in dimensional, lived-in, sun-drenched blondes, brunettes and carefully curated textured haircuts inspired by the California coast. She is motivated and passionate about advanced education and keeping up-to-date with the most current trends and techniques so she is able to provide the very best to her clientele. Her attention to detail, open communication and meticulousness brings her clients in from all over the Bay Area.

Jessica believes in the importance of keeping the integrity of the hair by using only the best products and educating each client on how to maintain healthy hair outside of the salon. She believes that your look should not only compliment your personality and natural beauty, but fit well within your lifestyle and cultivate confidence. Connecting and building meaningful relationships with her clients is what fulfills her the most. She says “What I do is about more than just hair, I like to connect and build relationships with those in my chair. Hair is just a bonus.”

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